The Ernots
A personal favorite; Grand Marnier caramel is blended with Cacao Barry 40% Ghana chocolate for a smooth silky caramel with hints of orange and brandy.

Hazelnut/toffee crunch
Hazelnut gianduja made with milk chocolate creates a nutty ganache that's layered with buttery crunchy toffee for a taste and texture that says "wow"

Passion for Passionfruit
Pure Passionfruit puree blends with Zephyr caramel chocolate(caramelized white) for a surprisingly rich balance and gorgeous fruit for a unique taste sensation that will "drive you wild"

The Morrocco
House made pistachio paste is combined with house made candied orange peel and pure white chocolate. It's sweet and nutty with a slight orange tang that will transport you to Morocco - after all, in a pandemic, traveling in our minds is the next best thing.

OG Caramel
Yes, we meant OG. This orange juice and ginger caramel is a creamy, buttery, orangy sweet chew with a finish of real ginger that balances wonderfully. You won't be asking for OJ, you'll be wanting OG!

Cinnamon Heart
You can't have a Valentine without cinnamon hearts, so this is our version - this little heart packs a big flavor punch filled with chewy, buttery cinnamon caramel. Our 2nd caramel in the box by popular demand.

Ready for the islands? This Pina Colada bonbon, stuffed with coconut ganache, toasted coconut, hints of pineapple, lime and dark rum are a taste explosion and the addition of a roasted salted macadamia nut center takes it over the top. Enjoy, mon!

Bailey's Bomb
This perennial favorite (dressed up for Valentine's in a ruby chocolate drizzle) is a lusciously creamy ganache made with irish cream and 66% Mexique single origin chocolate. That's it. That's the whole recipe. Close your eyes and enjoy!

Spicy Heart
We've made this heart by steeping 3 kinds of chilis overnight and blending our spicy oil with two kinds of dark chocolate. Not for the faint of heart, this little solid chocolate heart, comes in smooth and finishes spicy! (Only available in the "his and hers" boxes