Go ahead, order your Bunny Box - only $39.95 for a limited time!


For your very own custom bunny box, choose the type of chocolate you'd like, the color of your bunny and a name you'd like on the big egg in the box. Your box will arrive with an assortment of filled and hollow easter themed eggs along with your 8 ounce hollow, hand crafted chocolate bunny!

The colors below are suggestions, if you don't see one you like or want something custom, just add it in the "other" box below and we'll accommodate your request - honestly, we've done Rider color bunnies, rainbow bunnies and edible glitter so I can almost certainly do whatever you like!

Given that we are all striving to minimize public facing time, please leave a phone number or email and I will contact you with a date and time that you can pick up your bunny.