Welcome to the Spring 2019 collection of bonbons. I've tried to capture what spring means to me - bold bright flavors and some lovely colors. I tried out 16 flavors with my VIP tasting panel over the winter and using their feedback refined my collection down to these flavors that I'm presenting now. I hope you enjoy them all as much as my tasters did.


Raspberry Bomber packs a wallop of raspberry flavor into a small bonbon and finishes with a rich chocolatey crunch.


You'll go bananas for this Banana's Foster reminiscent bonbon spiked with banana liqueur and rum and a tad of cinnamon, you may think you've been transported to New Orleans.


This CocoMac chocolate will make you coco-loco! It's a macadamia nut nestled in coconut filling in a rich dark shell and it is loco good!


Cashewy Chewy, this bonbon was born of feedback from my tasting panel, it's got it all; cashew butter ganache layered with chunks of cashews and a caramel made with cinnamon whiskey. This one won me over as my new fave.


If you like Mango, you'll LOVE this Mango Margarita chocolate. It's a rich ganache made from pureed mango, a splash of key lime juice and of course a slug of tequila to make it a margarita! It's got an incredible tropical vibe goin' on.


Imagine biting into a beehive....or not...This honey ganache, with a drop of liquid clover honey, is a fantastic substitute. The burst of honey flavor followed by the creamy mellow honey ganache made this the favorite among our taste panel


Chewy orangey caramel is a hit every time and this little guy has it all. Made from 100% pure orange juice, butter, cream and sugar, this one is a perennial favorite.


It's Toon Time in this rich ganache made with 100% saskatoon berries from Prarie Berries and organic milk chocolate all smothered in ma rich dark pure chocolate.


Try this PomPom which is infused with a reduction of 100% pure pomegranate juice and studded with bits of dried organic pomegranate. It's bright tangy and delicious.