About Us

We believe that chocolate is good for the soul

Chocolate is good for the soul but it should also be good for the planet. We only use sustainably grown cacao, and only deal with chocolate vendors who support fair trade. Fair trade and good practices ensure that high-quality cacao will be around for generations. It matters to us, and we think it matters to the planet. Oh, and by the way, it also makes for mature chocolate with depths and ranges of flavour that are unbeatable.

Our Story

When Karen found herself unable to work after a battle with cancer, she pursued her lifelong passion for all things food. She took up sugar work; creating blown sugar showpieces and whimsical ways to present confections. She always had a passion for chocolate and pastries so when she discovered that she had the time to pursue it professionally, she got her Professional Chocolatier certificate and spends every day seeking out new techniques, flavors and trends in chocolate. Since certification, she’s gone on to take master level classes in confection, technical classes in stabilization, shelf life and all the very technical aspects of chocolate confections that make them delicious and of course, safe!

In 2020, she also attended the Pastry Academy as a full time student studying under Amaury Guichon to hone all of her techniques, so while Karen is a trained pastry chef, here at Fancy Pants, chocolate isn’t an afterthought. Chocolate is our every thought.

If you have a special project in mind, we can do sculptures, flowers, logo chocolates and showpieces that we promise will amaze and delight you.

Give us a shout, we don’t disappoint! Like anything, chocolate mastery is constantly evolving and growing and you can count on Karen to be on the cutting edge.