Seasonal Collections

Spring has finally sprung after several false promises from mother nature, so we decided to celebrate with a bounty of beautiful fruits. In support of this, we’re doing what we call a “double-double” and no, it’s not about Tim Horton’s, it’s about including 2 different flavours and/or textures in each of these bonbons, to really tantalize your palate.

Boxes On Offer

  • Special Croco 9 piece gift box, packed and ribboned, ready for gift giving.
  • the Deluxe 16 piece sampler with 2 of each flavour for sharing
  • The Big Box has over 25 piece box that’s big enough, that she may share a few!
  • the custom Chocolate Shoe in the color and chocolate of your choice, filled with bonbons

Boxes are available for purchase at Italian Star Deli on Victoria Avenue or you can order right from the web. Chocolate shoes must be pre-ordered.

Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes are back, choose your chocolate and your colour and we’ll make a shoe out of chocolate and edible glitter and stuff it full of our amazing seasonal bonbons. and the whole thing is edible (except for the paper bonbon cups of course!) Make Mom feel like a queen for Mother’s Day!

Sorry, Chocolate shoes orders cannot be shipped, they’ll be available for pickup/delivery in Regina only.

Double Blood Orange

We love Blood oranges, the sweet, tangy floral notes just scream Spring, so we made a blood orange ganache with white chocolate and layered it over a buttery tangy blood orange caramel all made with pure blood orange puree. (we don’t use artificial flavours)


OK, it’s not the sour lemonhead hard candy but you must admit it’s a fun name. We made a very soft lemon caramel with 35% cream and butter for a creamy luscious lemon taste, and since we wanted s double whammy, we drizzled the bonbon with white chocolate and house made candied lemon peel.

Guava Jelly

This one originally had a layer of ganache but our VIP tasters overwhelmingly chose just the pure Guava bonbon. So we made a very firm Jelly (like a gelee texture without the gelatin) from pure guava puree and let it sing for itself enrobed in a 70% Fleur De Cao couverture.


We love passionfruit so we made a very soft-sticky caramel with pure passionfruit puree and then to balance the tang, we layered it over a house-made pistachio paste for a nutty-tangly-buttery delight.

Call me Honey

This one was a hands down fave of our VIP tasters, they think we should keep this in every seasonal collection. We made a honey forward ganache with local clover honey and Alunga milk chocolate and layered it atop a honey toffee – no, not the crunchy kind of toffee, the kind that turns into liquid gold in your mouth.


This one is shades of southern Italy/North Africa. We made a soft jelly from pure cassis puree and the really bright tang gets mellowed out by a layer of Torrone style nougat made with candied orange and pistachios.

Double Raspberry

Another Fave among clients and customers, this bonbon is made with a layer of dark chocolate-raspberry ganache and a semi-firm raspberry caramel, all made with 100% pure raspberry puree.

Salty Caramel

A personal fave, this bonbon is a taste symphony. We made a salted caramel using salted caramel vodka, sugar butter and cream and poured it over Alunga milk chocolate. As if that weren’t enough, we made a salted bourbon caramel with smoked Malden salt and layered then together in this little bonbon that packs a punch.

(finished alcohol percentge is less that %0.01)

Bailey’s and Hazelnut

We had to do at least one without fruit so we made this omni-seasonal bonbon that’s a ganache made with real Bailey’s Irish Cream and a combo of milk and dark chocolates, them we punched it up with hazelnut oil and a healthy measure of hazelnut praline for a complex flavour with a nice sweet and nutty crunch.

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