Seasonal Collections

This winter felt like it would never end so we’re welcoming this very late spring with fresh bright tastes and colors.

I was fortunate enough to get to Jamaica this winter for a much needed and overdue R&R and I met some people who really inspired me. and what do I do when I’m inspired? Yup, I make chocolates!

Boxes On Offer

  • Special Croco 9 piece gift box, packed and ribboned, ready for gift giving.
  • the Deluxe 16 piece sampler with 2 of each flavour for sharing
  • The Big Box has over 25 piece box that’s big enough, that she may share a few!
  • the custom Chocolate Shoe in the color and chocolate of your choice, filled with bonbons

Boxes are available for purchase at Italian Star Deli on Victoria Avenue or you can order right from the web. Chocolate shoes must be pre-ordered.

Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes are back, choose your chocolate and your colour and we’ll make a shoe out of chocolate and edible glitter and stuff it full of our amazing seasonal bonbons. and the whole thing is edible (except for the paper bonbon cups of course!) Make Mom feel like a queen for Mother’s Day!

Sorry, Chocolate shoes orders cannot be shipped, they’ll be available for pickup/delivery in Regina only.

Passsionfruit Caramel

A personal favorite, the tangy brightness of passionfruit combines with a shall made of gingered white chocolate. This flavour combo was my morning smoothie in Jamaica and it’s amazing!

The Watermelon

I’m sure you could’ve guessed this one. We’ve taken real watermelon puree and combined it with that tangy Ruby chocolate for a red ganache, then stirred in some cacao nib seeds all in a zephyr white chocolate shell. Definitely bite this one in two because you don’t want to miss that inside appearance.

Dirty Banana

In Jamaica the dirty banana is a very popular beach drink. We’ve reproduced it using banana puree, coffee liqueur and Zephyr Caramel chocolate so it hit all the notes, then encased it in a dark chocolate (70% Fleur De Cao) shell to replicate everything you get with this cocktail. except the sand, of course.

Mango Velvet

Sweet Mango caramel tops an exotic ganache made with cardamom, honey, nutmeg, saffron, cream and white chocolate. A complex flavour that’ll  will linger on your palate. Our VIP taste testers rated this as one of their favourites.

Piña Colada

The classic tastes of this popular drink are all in here. We use pure pineapple, coconut and lime purees and then add some rum for good measure. If you like a good Piña Colada you’ll love this bombon.

Georgia Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is so popular in the American south, it’s practically a religion and each region does their own style. We steep cream with black tea, then add some bergamot puree, and 41% Alunga chocolate for a tea forward ganache and then layer it with a blood peach jelly. Now that’s tasty, y’all!

Hazelnut praline

We’ve combined hazelnut ganache made with 41% Alunga and houe made hazelnut paste with crunchy sweet hazelnut pralines. A small bonbon that packs a big punch of flavour.

The Hawaiian

Coconut and more coconut! This bonbon combines some of the best tastes of Hawaii. We’ve made a creamy, silky coconut ganache with pure coconut puree and Zephyr White chocolate and then put a roasted salted macadamia nut inside each. covered with 70% Fleur de Cao, a white chocolate drizzle and toasted coconut.

Raspberry Daiquiri

This pretty, glittery fuscia colored bonbon is a rum and raspberry ganache made with raspberry puree, a hint of lime and Zephyr White chocolate This one is our bonus bonbon, which you’ll find in the Big Box.