Seasonal Collections

Meet the 2019 Holiday collection. We think you’ll like them. I’ve used a blend of six different Cacao Barry chocolates to craft this season’s collection. The shells are a combination of rich dark Tanzanie, tangy Madirifolo, Alto Del Sol, and a rich dar Equidorian gem. They’re combined for the maximum taste experience hitting all parts of your palate. The centers are made with Ghana and milk chocolates combined with their flavor elements to contrast and compliment the exquisite taste of the shells.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

This bonbon, sporting snowflakes for the season is a new favorite amongst my tasters. It’s made with espresso and cream (hence the latte) and those warm pumpkin spices we all know and love when it gets chilly outside; cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and mace, and no, there’s no pumpkin.

Candy Apple

This new bonbon is a unique flavor sensation that turns a candy apple into a grown-up taste treat. I’ve made an apple ganache with reduced apple cider and layered it with a caramel that’s made with cinnamon whiskey. Not for kids but it’ll make you nostalgic for your childhood.

Passionate Honey

This is just what it sounds like, one half is tangy passionfruit and the other is a creamy honey ganache which, makes for a perfect balance between sassy passionate fruit and the mellow, lightly sweet honey and milk chocolate.

Anise Blossom

If you like Anise, you’ll love this Anise blossom treat. I’ve made an Orange blossom ganache which has sweet floral notes and balanced it out with a zing of anise flavor that makes for a wowza blast of flavor reminiscent of India.

Black Forest Bonbon

My family is German so this little Black Forest bonbon is a favorite amongst them. I’ve used both fresh and dried local Prairie Cherries to create a ganache, layered over prairie cherry gelee made from pure local prairie cherries. If you’ve ever had a slice of Black Forest cake, you’re gonna love this one.

Saskatoon Berry Swirl

This bonbon, which you may have tasted from our kitchen before, has gotten a boost this holiday season thanks to pure freeze dried Saskatoon Berry Powder and chopped dried Saskatoon Berries from local vendors here in Saskatchewan for a taste you can’t get outside of Saskatchewan.

Orange Caramel

Our Orange Caramel, made with real orange juice, is a perennial favorite but this year we’ve amped this baby up with the addition of chopped dried cranberries. The tangy cranberry pairs so perfectly with the sweet chewy orange flavor that you may not want to stop at one – better buy the big box!

Holiday Hazelnut

Hazelnut just screams “Holidays”, and this bonbon is packed with hazelnut flavor. I start with a hazelnut gianduja (a blend of hazelnut paste and dark chocolate) and blend it with cream and Frangelico for a creamy texture then stuff it with a whole roasted hazelnut.