Seasonal Collections

This collection, developed exclusively for Italian Star Deli is a taste delight. Not only are the centers delicious but the chocolate shells are a symphony of chocolate flavors. I’ve used three different Cacao Barry single origin chocolates to blend into a chocolate shell that captures a range of flavors including a nutty Mexique, citrusy Madirofolo and a rich dark Tanzanie with coffee notes. When combined with the centers developed specifically for this blend, you’ll get a new appreciation for the ranges of flavor that chocolate can offer.

Lemon Zinger

A zingy lemon ganache made with freshly squeezed lemon pulp and mellowed with creamy ganache made with single origin 40% cocoa chocolate from Ghana

Holiday Hazelnut

My personal favorite of the season, this bonbon is filled with creamy hazelnut gianduja and warm holiday spices like cinnamon, star anise and cloves enveloping a whole toasted hazelnut

Orange ya Happy

Chewy bright orange caramel contrasts with a blend of 3 dark chocolates for a classic taste with an updated twist


This little bonbon packs a punch, I’ve layered cinnamon caramel and a creamy spiced rum ganache for a flavor and texture contrast that’ll make you want to talk like a pirate


This bonbon boasts so much coffee flavor, you’ll nearly taste the crema – strong brewed espresso meets cream and 40% cocoa single origin Ghana chocolate that may just have you singing Italian arias

The Beehive

Imagine biting into a beehive – or not – this honey ganache, with a drop of liquid clover honey, is a fantastic substitute. The burst of honey flavor followed by the creamy mellow honey ganache made this the favorite among our taste panel

The Schwartzwald

The prairies have gone to Germany and you get to enjoy the result! I’ve combined locally grown prairie cherries with cream and milk chocolate in a way that’ll make you think of Black Forest cake. Bitteschön!

Blarney it’s Bailey’s

The luck of the Irish will be with you if you get to sample this luscious creamy chocolate made from real Bailey’s Irish Cream and silky organic milk chocolate. A constant favorite among family and friends, you may just want a whole box of these

The Connoisseur

(available only in the 25 piece and the VIP boxes)

This is the ultimate in luxury, a ganache made with VSOP cognac caramel and organic milk chocolate are rich and luxurious, add in some cocoa nibs for that deep compex chocolate taste and complete the opulence with a rich chocolate shell studded with edible 22 karat gold and you’ve got a bonbon that says; royalty.

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