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If you’re like me, you really, really miss the beach. When I served in the USAF, I spent a 4 year tour stationed at Hickam AFB, HI (I know, tough duty right?) but with the pandemic, none of us have been able to travel for warm sand and tropical breezes. That’s why I’ve created this new collection, it’s all about bringing a tropical beach to YOU, right here in Regina. The flavours are designed to stir memories of your favourite vacations. So treat your Mom or treat yourself! Indulge!

We’ve got new flavours along with a few of your favorites for a collection of bonbons that promises to delight all of your senses. When you open the box, enjoy the beautiful natural cocoa butter colors that adorn the bonbons, let the aroma of pure single origin, fair-trade chocolate envelope you, touch the glossy smooth feel, feel and hear the snap of perfectly tempered chocolate that encases a filling designed to include your entire palate in the experience. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Boxes On Offer

  • Special Croco 12 piece gift box, packed and ribboned, ready for gift giving.
  • the Deluxe 16 piece sampler rigid gift box that has 2 extra exclusive flavours
  • the custom Chocolate Shoe in the color and chocolate of your choice, filled with bonbons

Boxes are available for purchase at Italian Star Deli on Victoria Avenue

Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes are back, choose your chocolate and your colour and we’ll make a shoe out of chocolate and edible glitter and stuff it full of our amazing seasonal bonbons. and thee whole thing is delicious (except for the paper bonbon cups of course!) Make Mom feel like a queen for Mother’s Day!

Sorry, Chocolate shoes orders cannot be shipped, they’ll be available for pickup in Regina only.

Chocolate Roses

Our chocolate roses are full of heart. literally. We’ve made aa chocolate rose out of single origin Cacao Barry Saint Domingue 70%, hand coloured it with Chef Rubber natural cocoa butters and stuffed it with chocolate hearts in milk, ruby and white – all fair trade and sustainable. So give mom a little heart with her flowers this Mother’s Day.

The Ernots

A personal favorite; Grand Marnier caramel is blended with Cacao Barry 40% Ghana chocolate for a smooth silky caramel with hints of orange and brandy and it’s named for the fabulou chef instructor at the Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon, who gifted me the recipe. Only included in the 1c piece Deluxe box.

The Margarita

The first stop in our tropical vacation brought to you is the Margarita. Imagine digging your toes in the warm sand and sipping a margarita; our version is made with silver tequila, bergamot, Cointreau in a creamy ganache made with Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate and finished with maldon salt. The only thing we left out is the sand.

Blue Hawaii

My tasting panel all agreed that this little bonbon packs a huge flavour punch and tastes exactly like a Blue Hawaii. Turn on a fan and imagine the trade winds when you sample this bonbon made with blue curacao, pineapple, coconut cream, malibu rum and a splash of lime.


What screams tropical more than bananas and passiofruit? I love both and in this one, I’ve combined a banana liqueur with a passionfruit puree and then introduced it to an organic single origin Cacao Barry 38% milk chocolate. You taste the banana right away and the passionfruit gives you a bright tangy finish.

Raspberry Crunch

OK, so this one may not exactly be topical but we promised you some old favourites. This bonbon has layers of complexity with a raspberry puree meeting up with a hazelnut gianduja for a zing rounded out by the rich nuttiness of the gianduja. We’ve also included a crunchy freeze dried raspberry inside for an extra texture and flavvour boost.

Creamy Bergamot

If you aren’t familiar with bergamot, it’s a tropical citrus fruit that’s probably most similar to lime, though the oils of the rind are used for other purposes. I use a pureed bergamot mellowed with a bit of agave and a hint of vanilla tba make a ganache with Cacao Barry Zephyr Caramel, which is a caramelized white chocolate that adds balance to this bonbon while still letting the bergamot be the star.

Pina Colada

Ready for the islands? This Pina Colada bonbon, stuffed with coconut ganache, toasted coconut,  pineapple, lime and dark rum are a taste explosion and a regular favourite among our customers and tasting panel. Ive created this visual design for it because it really transports me to the beach and the colours represent the sand surf and sea.

Caramel Hazelnut

No Not the chewy kind of caramel but a big pop of hazelnut gianduja coupled with caramelized sugar and butter, this is rich and deeply flavoured all packed in a beautiful little 3D rosebud. This bonbon is only included in the 16 piece Deluxe box.

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