Seasonal Collections

It’s been a long hard two years and seemingly this winter will never end. So we created a collection of bonbons designed to make your mouth sing and take you from siping, right into summer (my absolute fave season, BTW)

Boxes On Offer

  • Special Croco 9 piece gift box, packed and ribboned, ready for gift giving.
  • the Deluxe 16 piece sampler rigid gift box that has 2 extra exclusive flavours
  • The WIN her over 25 piece box that’s big enough, that she may share a few!
  • the custom Chocolate Shoe in the color and chocolate of your choice, filled with bonbons

Boxes are available for purchase at Italian Star Deli on Victoria Avenue or you can order right from the web. Chocolate shoes must be pre-ordered.

Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes are back, choose your chocolate and your colour and we’ll make a shoe out of chocolate and edible glitter and stuff it full of our amazing seasonal bonbons. and the whole thing is edible (except for the paper bonbon cups of course!) Make Mom feel like a queen for Mother’s Day!

Sorry, Chocolate shoes orders cannot be shipped, they’ll be available for pickup/delivery in Regina only.

Passsionfruit Caramel

A personal favorite, the tangy brightness of passionfruit is mellowed by the richness of cream, butter and Cacao Barry Zephyr Caramel chocolate. We make soft caramel with pure passionfruit puree and blend it with a small bit of caramelized white chocolate for a softy gooey caramel.

The Margarita

Meet the Margarita. Imagine digging your toes in the warm sand and sipping a margarita; our version is made with silver tequila, bergamot, Cointreau in a creamy ganache made with Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate and finished with maldon salt. The only thing we left out is the sand.

Lemon Cream

This ultra creamy, tangy lemon cream bonbon packs a powerful flavour punch. It’s luscious, creamy and tangy all at once, but don’t share this one because it’s ultra thin shell can barely contain this creamy goodness.


This one is another gooey caramel made with pure honey, real vanilla and Zephyr caramel chocolate. We roasted and candied macadamia nuts, popped them into a chocolate shell of 70% Fleur de Cao dark couverture and drowned them in honey-vanilla caramel.

Oh and we put some cute bees on the bottom.

Raspberry Combo

Raspberry overload in this centerpiece of our sampler box. We layered a raspberry caramel (this time the chewy kind not the gooey kind) with a raspberry – dark chocolate ganache for a symphony of flavours and textures. We never use artificial flavours, it’s all made from real raspberry puree.


We got our hands on a bottle of Hibiscus-Lime Vodka from Last Mountain Distillery (we love local) and turned it into this unique bonbon. We developed a recipe that combines this gem with Organic Milk Couverture from Cacao Barry and dressed it up to remind you of the flower.

Cherry Caramel

We LOVE prairie cherries, for their tangy juicy goodness and we love the prairie cherries from Over the Hill Orchards best (yes we still love local). So we took a big batch of prairie cherries, created our own puree and turned it into a caramel. Yup, the chewy kind.

Blood Orange Caramel

Get the idea that we like tangy? We do and blood orange is no exception. We use pure blood orange puree with the finest cream and butter and turn it into this gorgeous caramel. It’s naturally pink and naturally delicious.

Bailey’s and Coffee

Who likes a little tipple of Bailey’s Irish Cream in their coffee? WE do! So we created this ganache made with Bailey’s, espresso and a 66% Mexique couverture for a balanced bonbon that you can have any time of day.