Seasonal Collections

We’ve created special new flavors along with a few of your favorites for a collection of bonbons that promises to delight all of your senses. When you open the box, enjoy the beautiful natural cocoa butter colors that adorn the bonbons, let the aroma of pure single origin fair trade chocolate envelope you, touch the glossy smooth feel, feel and hear the snap of perfectly tempered chocolate that encases a filling designed to include your entire palate in the experience. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

We have various sizes available in limited supplies for your special Valentine, even if YOU are your valentine this year. It’s been a tough year, treat yourself, your friends or your loved ones to something truly special and indulgent. You deserve it.

Boxes On Offer

  • 6 piece boxes (only available in stores)
  • 8 piece boxes (one of each flavor in the collection LIMITED SUPPLIES)
  • 9 piece boxes (one of each flavor plus a spicy rose)
  • 12 piece boxes (a beautifully packaged rigid box with two of each flavor)
  • Couples box (12 bonbons – two each of 6 flavors and two spicy hearts, meant for sharing)

Boxes are available at select retailers or you can order for pick up at one of 3 local retailers.

Ever wonder how we make these amazing chocolate bonbons? Ever want to make your own? Well, this year, we have a special opportunity for a limited number of chocolate enthusiasts!

This Valentine’s Day Fancy Pants Kitchen is partnering with Tigger Dog Rescue to bring you a unique opportunity to create something special for a loved one while helping to rescue some pooches in need.  Our chocolatier, Karen Morley has trained under master chocolatiers from Purdy’s, Chef Philippe Vancayseele. from the Chocolate Academy Montreal and Amaury Guichon of Netflix School of chocolate fame. She’s bringing you her expertise in a 90 minute-2 hour class. You’ll make your own molded professional looking bonbons and box them up ready for giving. You’ll learn about the high quality chocolate we use, tempering, colored cocoa butter tempering and multiple ways of applying beautiful finishes while having a lot of fun. Bring your best guy or gal and make it a team project! Class size will be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25.

The class is on Saturday Feb 12th, at 2PM at the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre  and is open to ages 12 to adult. (Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) Proof of vaccination and masks will be required.

Early registration is a minimum $60.00 donation to Tigger Dog Rescue By Feb 4th.

Late registration is a minimum donation of $75.00 from Feb 4th to Feb 10th. Registration closes on Feb 10th. Click the Order Online button to register.

The Ernots

A personal favorite; Grand Marnier caramel is blended with Cacao Barry 40% Ghana chocolate for a smooth silky caramel with hints of orange and brandy.

Creamy Hazelnut Gianduja

Ultra creamy hazelnut gianduja (a blend of ssmooth hazelnut paste and chocolate) made with milk chocolate creates a smooth nutty tasting ganache encased in a rich dark chocolate and topped with a drizzle of ruby chocolate studded with hazelnut praline for a little bit of sweet crunch.

Passion for Passionfruit

We’ve blown out the passionfruit taste by combining a layer of pure passsionfruit marshmallow with a layer of soft creamy passionfruit caramel. All made in-house with pure pasisonfruit puree and no artificial colours or flavours – just a gorgeous punch of fruit mellowed with fruity caramel.


We’ve layered pomegranate gelee’ with pistachio cream ganache, made with house-made pistachio paste, white chocolate and blended to a creamy contrast with the pomegranate that will dance on your tongue.

Blood Orange Caramel

We start with pure blood orange puree and turn it into a soft creamy rich caramel that is bursting with that tangy orangey flavour that you can only find in blood oranges. The slight pink hue is a dead giveaway because we never use artificial colours or flavours in our fillings.

Cheery Cherry

We turn local Over the Hill Orchards’ prairie cherries into a bright tangy caramel with a slight chew and then, we layer it with a luscious ganache made with Cacao Barry zephyr caramel chocolate and blended with house-made hazelnut praline bits. The mix of flavours and textures is definitely not to be missed, and this bonbon is big enough to share.

Tropical Lemon

This bonbon may be our new favourite, we’ve taken pure lemon puree and transformed it into a creamy, tangy filling that’s almost a curd (just without those egg yolks!) and then layer it with a creamy coconut caramel ganache. We create a caramel with coconut puree and then blend it with a 38% milk chocolate so the coconut flavour is subtle but a beautiful balance for the lemon.

Irish Cream and Coffee

Who doesn’t love a dollop of Bailey’s Irish Cream in a rich dark cuppa joe? We do! So we created this version, sans alcohol that will have you reliving relaxing mornings or afternoons with a quiet Bailey’s and coffee so grab a book or your best pal and savour this one slowly.

Raspberry Kiss

This rich creamy chocolate ganache made with single origin Mexique 66% chocolate is kissed with pure raspberry puree, because everyone deserves a Valentine’s kiss, especially one that’s made of chocolate and pure fruit.

Cherry Bomb

Straight up prairie cherry soft creamy caramel. A perennial favourite, we wanted this one to scream Saskatchewan pride. Made with 100% pure prairie cherries from Over the Hill Orchards.

Bourbon Salted Caramel

Yes. Bourbon.  Yes, smoked Malden salt. We make a rich caramel with Kentucky bourbon and finish it with smoked Malden salt in the caramel. We don’t top caramels with loads of salt, since the salt is only intended  open up the taste bud so you can taste the rich smoky bourbon and buttery notes instead of all the salt.

(don’t worry, the heat we apply doesn’t really leave any alcohol behind but DOES leave a LOT of taste)