Seasonal Collections

Welcome to the Spring/Easter 2022 collection of chocolates. We’ve got a mix of bunnies, eggs, smash eggs, and of course, our exclusive custom Bunny Boxes to help you celebrate the seasson!

Smash Eggs!

We have four members of the Smash Egg family; the Emoji and the Spaceship and our ever popular Dinosaur  and Unicorn Eggs. They’re all  stuffed full of chocolate treats, like baby dinos, emoji faces, aliens and more that will reward you after smashing them open with the included wooden mallet – and it’s ALL edible!  But don’t worry, these mallets are too small to do damage to anything but the intended chocolate egg. Buy them at Italian Star Deli (in stock NOW) or order online if you’re after more than four at a time.

Chocolate Eggs

You can find them in stock exclusively at Italian Star Deli.

These Hollow chocolate eggs are 40 grams each of the finest chocolate on the planet. You can choose milk chocolate or dark chocolate but I always choose 100 % Cacao Barry, sustainable, fair trade chocolate so you can indulge your chocolate craving while doing good for the world.

Giant Chocolate Egg

You can find them in stock exclusively at Italian Star Deli.

These Hollow chocolate eggs are hand “painted” with assorted coloured cocoa butter (the edible kind) and weigh in at a whopping 750 grams of pure sustainable fair trade chocolate. You can find a variety in-sstock at Italian Star Deli or you can hit us up for a custom egg! Just shoot us an email using the contact form.

Bunny Boxes!

Order your custom Bunny Box for the kids of any age in your life.

We’ve created a hand “painted” bunny (don’t worry, it’s not paint, it’s coloured cocoa butter) in the colour of your choice using top of the line, single origin Cacao-Barry chocolate (a half pound!) for this hollow 9 inch tall bunny. So the bunny wouldn’t get lonesome we’ve also included some hand painted hollow speckled eggs as well as some beautiful bonbons in egg shapes, filled with coconut, salted butter caramel and orange caramel, and to top it off there’s one big filled egg with layers of crunch, malted milk and caramel complete with the name of your recipient.

Baby Bunny

This cute little guy weighs in at 125 grams of lovable, biteable chocolate in assorted colours and chocolates. You can find him in a Fleur De Cao 70% chocolate, an organic 38% milk chocolate, a single origin 40% from Ghana and maybe even a Ruby chocolate. If you haven’t tried Ruby yet, you may just want to give it a try, it’s bright and fruity and unlike any other chocolate you’ve had. (packages are marked with contents)

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