Seasonal Collections

Meet the 2022 winter collection. We think you’ll like them. Each bonbon is hand crafted and VIP panel tested for optimal taste and presentation, When we design a bonbon, each ingredient is carefully considered to blend perfectly with each other and with the chocolate exterior so that when you try one of our creations, you feel indulged. From the finest fruit purees, to flavored oils, house-made nut pastes and jams and liqueurs, our end product is a reflection of the quality we put into each item.

As always, we start with the finest chocolate from Cacao Barry that provides that characteristic snap with the luscious mouthfeel. Plus, Cacao Barry leads the industry in sustainability and fair trade and that matters to us here at Fancy Pants Kitchen and it matters to the planet.

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The Assortment box

The Assortment box comes all dressed up for winter in a beautiful white croco-gift box with one each of our holiday bonbons plus a chef’s choice bonus flavour. Makes the perfect hostess gift or a gift for a coworker.

(Flavour descriptions below)

The Sharing box

The 16 piece box contains 2 each of our 8 festive holiday bonbons, so that if you give it away, they just might share it with you!

(Flavour descriptions below)


The 25 piece box  is a full pound of chocolatey goodness for the serious chocolate lover in your life. It contains 3 each of our 8 festive holiday bonbons, plus our bonus dark raspberry bonbon all dressed up for the holidays!

(Flavour descriptions below)

Storage & Handling

We recommend storing in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Freezing can cause cracking of the shells and refrigeration can cause condensation. They are best eaten at room temperature for maximum flavour.

The Milky Way

imagine a layer of candied cashews, nestled in a layer of vanilla caramel all sitting atop house-made chocolate marshmallow and you’ve got our version of a Milky Way.


We roast whole hazelnuts in house, make a smooth paste from them and the combine it with 41% Alunga milk chocolate for a creamy gianduja and then stir in hazelnut praline for a textural bonanza. Then we drizzle the tops with Zephyr caramel chocolate and add a final sprinkle of hazelnut praline.

The Moroccan

This one was out tasting panel’s favorite! We make pistachio cream in-house with roasted pistachios and then layer it with a blood orange caramel for a taste and texture that can’t be beat. You really have to try this one to appreciate it.

Fireball Caramel

We combine some of that spicy fireball whiskey in a secret recipe that gives you a big hit of cinnamon all wrapped up in delicious  Cacao Barry Fleur De Cao 70% chocolate.

Black Forest

We layer a soft prairie cherry caramel, made with local Over the Hill Orchards cherries, over a creamy organic milk chocolate for the classic taste of a black forest cake in a bonbon.

The PB&J

This one is not for sharing and you’ll want to pop the whole thing in your mouth. We make a peanut butter in-house that’s not that pasty stuff you’re used to, its a liquid gold version of peanut butter layered with a chewy turkish delight style pomegranate gelee. This one tied for first place with our VIP tasting panel.

Raspberry Zinger

Classic raspberry and chocolate combine in this ultra smooth bonbon made with real raspberry puree and Cacao Barry Mexique 66% chocolate.

Milly Vanilly

If you like vanilla and caramel, you’ll love this simple and delicious bonbon. We simply combine cream, real vanilla (a lot of it) with Zephyr Caramel Chocolate foe a creamy delicious pop of flavour that’s far more complex than it sounds.


A perennial favorite; real Bailey’s Irish cream is coupled with 41% Alunga milk chocolate for a creamy, chocolaty version of everyone’s favourite seasonal beverage.